September/October 2007


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No Stronger Bond by H. David Wright

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
A Pilgrim's Journey Good Tales about Bad Jobs & Authentic Feet - Mark A. Baker
Shooting the Bull Little Secrets for Hunting - Mike Nesbitt
Cache of the Hollow Tree The Quest for the Fabled Mountain Gap: Part Two - Tony Hunter
Doin' It Yourself Making the Traditional Tennessee Boot Pouch - T.C. Albert
On the Game Trail Double-Duty Southern Mountain Rifle - Danny Caywood
Eyewitness to History Marching with the Army of the West, Part II: Final Preparations - Jim Crutchfield
The L&C Fur Company: The Lewis and Clark Expedition's Hunt for Fur - Jim Hardee
Whistlin' Up Squirrels - Terry Eddings
On the Prairie - Alex Miller
An Interview with Matt Denison - Dick Weaver
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