About Us

SINCE 1974, MUZZLELOADER has been the leading magazine devoted to traditional black powder hunting and shooting. No in-lines, no scopes and no break-open breeches. Each issue is jam-packed with articles on hunting, shooting, gunsmithing, do-it-yourself projects, living history, American history, book and product reviews, and much more! The best in traditional muzzleloading--bar none!

MUZZLELOADER was originally published by Scurlock Publishing, a family owned and operated corporation that was founded as Rebel Publishing back in 1974 by Oran H. Scurlock, Jr. and B.R. Hughes. The company’s first product was MUZZLELOADER magazine, and the first issue was published in March/April 1974. The idea for a national magazine was hatched at the local shooting range during monthly shoots of the Piney Woods Muzzleloaders. Because there were few sources of information for black powder shooters in the early 1970s, Scurlock and Hughes decided to start MUZZLELOADER.

MUZZLELOADER’s focus on early American and frontier history, and the reenactment thereof, led to the publication of The Book of Buckskinning in 1981. As of 2012 we have produced eight books in the Buckskinning series, as well as many other books on Colonial arms, Colonial and frontier clothing, gunsmithing and history.

In 2013, MUZZLELOADER was acquired by Jason W. Gatliff of Historical Enterprises, LLC. Jason Gatliff had been publisher of ON THE TRAIL magazine since 2000 and was chosen to take over MUZZLELOADER by Bill and Linda Scurlock. Jason Gatliff and Historical Enterprises, LLC are honored to be part of the future of MUZZLELOADER.

Historical Enterprises, LLC is proud of our American heritage of freedom, gun ownership, and the unique American spirit that has made this country the best country on earth in which to live.

God bless America.

Publisher: Jason W. Gatliff
Editor: David Brown
Office Staff: Kayla Shehane