March/April 2013


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Detail of an original painting entitled The Cold Gray Fog of Dawn by Tennessee artist David Wright.

3   Letters from Our Readers
5   Prime Possibles
9   Shooting the Bull Shot Loads and Loading Shot - Mike Nesbitt
19 Cache of the Hollow Tree Chief Joseph Brandt, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part I - Tony Hunter
27 Doin' It Yourself A Homemade Spike Ax - T. C. Albert
33 Portals in Time The Faith of Daniel Boone - Part II - Mark Sage
41 Mike Miller - Man of Many Talents - John Curry
47 Noxubee Hill to Devil's Backbone, My Ultimate Spring Break Turkey Season Part I: Choctaw Tom - Richard Roach
53 People of the Muddy River - Part II - Don Hollway
59 Quinney's Horn - Brad Larson
63 On the Game Trail The Valley of the Deer - Ken Whitley
66 Pontiac's Revolt - Tim J. Todish
74 Jeff Bottiger's Southern Banded Horns - Eric Van Alstine
78 Classified Ads
80 Index of Display Advertisers