March/April 2021

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The March/April 2021 issue was mailed out on Tuesday, February 16th. We understand that the USPS is running much slower than normal right now and we appreciate everyone's patience. Please give the USPS 60 days to deliver the issue before inquiring about it. Thank you! Jason W. Gatliff

Detail from Shared News, an original oil painting by Bryant White.

3 Letters from Our Readers
9 Doin’ It Yourself Thoughts on Homemade Rifle Cases — T. C. Albert
17 Shooting the Bull Remembering Ramrods — Mike Nesbitt
23 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Remarkable Life of Sam Houston, Part I — Tony Hunter
31 Dispatches from New England A Reluctant Leader — The Tragedy of Daniel Shays, Part III — Convulsed Commonwealth — Vincent C. Spiotti
41 18th Century Traveler We All Cannot be Daniel Boone — Matt Wulff
53 Portals in Time Tales that Bear Telling, Part II — Native Americans and Black Bears — Mark Sage
59 On the Game Trail Melding the Old with the New (Of Foxes and Bobcats and Muzzleloaders) — James Stella
64 Ron Scott — Resurrecting a Bygone Art Form - Philip Key
78 Chiswell’s Lead MinesJim Mullins
86 Christian Oerter 1774 Rifle for Aaron HankinsonBob Lienemann
97 Classified Ads
100 Index of Display Advertisers