July/August 2020

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Detail from 1778, Captain Pipe Receives the Promise as Long as Sun, Moon & Earth Endure, an original oil painting by John Buxton.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 People to WatchJason W. Gatliff
13 Doin’ It Yourself The Southern Bear Knife — T. C. Albert
21 Shooting the Bull Looking Back — Mike Nesbitt
29 Cache of the Hollow Tree Robert E. Lee — Before The Civil War, Part VI — Tony Hunter
37 Dispatches from New England Most Likely Place - The Raids on Oyster River, Part II — Vincent C. Spiotti
45 18th Century Traveler Professions D’Habitant — (Habitant Professions) — Matt Wulff
53 On the Game Trail Hunting Idaho — A Family Tradition — Archie Gollen
60 Hershel House — Revisiting an American IconIan Pratt
81 Elijah Churchill—Hero of the American RevolutionCharles Kaufmann
89 Allan W. Eckert, 1931-2011Ted Franklin Belue
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111 Index of Display Advertisers
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