September/October 2019

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A Rising Moon and A Good Tune, an original oil painting by David Wright.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
9 Doin’ It Yourself The Shot Snake You Can Make - T. C. Albert
17 Shooting the Bull Outfitting my New Fowler - Mike Nesbitt
25 Cache of the Hollow Tree Robert E. Lee-Before The Civil War, Part I - Tony Hunter
33 Dispatches from New England New Hampshire Outpost, The Fort at Number 4, Part IV -Endless War on The Frontier - Vincent C. Spiotti
41 18th Century Traveler He Hangs Around the Fort - Matt Wulff
51 Portals in Time Authenticating a National Treasure-The Washington/Lafayette Pistols - Mark Sage
63 On the Game Trail The “Franken-Buck” - Mike McGuire
68 Images of Past Age & Items of Prior Use-The Historical Artistry of Ken Scott - John W. Hayes
83 Fur and Flintlocks, Trade Practices Between Europeans and Natives in Colonial America - Mike Buss
95 September 26, 1968: The Day Dan’l & Davy Visited Daniel & Rebecca Boone’s Grave - Ted Franklin Belue
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf