July/August 2018

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ON THE COVER: Detail from Detail from Cherokee Caravan, an original oil painting by Robert Griffing.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 Doin’ It Yourself Les Gigueux and West Virginia Stompers — T. C. Albert
19 Shooting the Bull Re-Visiting the Hawken – Mike Nesbitt
27 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Looting of the Spanish Main, Part IV — Tony Hunter
35 Dispatches from New England An Expression of Confidence—The Colonel Paul Wentworth House and Living History Museum — Vincent C. Spiotti
45 Portals in Time In and Out of Time, Part II: The Power of History by Experience — Mark Sage
53 On the Game Trail A Fowling Piece, A Canvas Tent, and Spring Time Bushytails — Tony Kinton
60 A Craftsman’s Journey: Lowell Haarer and the Working Art of the FlintlockJoshua Shepherd
77 Primitive Fire Starting Methods, Part II: Fire By Friction, The Firebow or Bow-and-DrillPaul T. Berry (“Tanglefoot”)
85 Undaunted Treason, The Rise & Fall of General James Wilkinson, Part IIIGary L. Foreman
94 2018 CLF Fund Raising AuctionHeinz Ahlers
109 Classified Ads
112 Index of Display Advertisers