November/December 2008


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The Captives by David Wright

"Wrapping & Shooting Shot Charges," Mike Nesbitt;
"Red Sticks and the Tennessee Blue Coats, Part II," Tony Hunter;
"New Techniques VII," Peter A. Alexander;
"Finding Your Way," Rex Allen Norman;
"Smilin' Joe Seabolt: Contemporary Knife & Rifle Maker," Sharon Cunningham;
"What to Do with a Holler Log," T.C. Albert;
"Marching with the Army of the West, Part IX: Mission Accomplished!" Jim Crutchfield;
"Fire on the Mountain: The Conversion of Simon Kenton," Mark Sage;
"Erv Tschantz & Gen-Nis-He-Yo Trading Company," Lee Larkin;
"Starr Mountain Buck," John A. Kalabus;
"2nd Sandy Britches Rendezvous," Steven M. Cole;
"Deborah Sampson, Warrior Maid: Part Two," Kelly Bell.