May/June 2017

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Detail from Waiting for his Fur Tally, an original oil painting by David Wright. The model for this painting is Michael Agee, who is also our featured artist in this issue.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 People to Watch - Jason W. Gatliff
9 Doin' It Yourself Those Mysterious St. Louis Buffalo Horns - T. C. Albert
19 Treasures from the Past - H. David Wright
21 Shooting the Bull More Tacks for Little Tacky – Mike Nesbitt
29 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Origins of the Western Fur Trade, Part V - Tony Hunter
39 Portals in Time The Wrought Iron Barrel - Mark Sage
49 The Writings of a Mad Woman By the First Light of Dawn - Suzanne Thomson
55 Dispatches from New England The Great Incendiary, New England & The Wabanaki Confederacy Wars from 1722-1725, Part III - Vincent C. Spiotti
63 On The Game Trail Oh, for Just a Little Snow, A Tale of Two Seasons - John W. Hayes
68 20th Annual History Meets the Arts, Keeping History Alive Through Art, Conversations, & Camaraderie - Karen Hendricks
76 Michael Agee, A Man of Many Talents - Eric Ewing
90 The Rise and Fall of Fort Loudoun - James A. Crutchfield
101 Photographing Your Muzzleloading Rifle, Part I: Equipment - Fred Stutzenberger
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf