March/April 2017

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Detail from The Newcomers, an original oil painting by Robert Griffing.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Doin’ It Yourself Making a Custom Rawhide-Covered Knife Sheath - T. C. Albert
15 Treasures from the Past - H. David Wright
17 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Origins of the Western Fur Trade, Part IV - Tony Hunter
29 Portals in Time Traveling a Corridor of History, America’s Frontier History Expedition, Part IV- The Woman in the Hollow Tree - Mark Sage
39 Shooting the Bull Shootin’ Heavy Guns – Mike Nesbitt
47 Dispatches from New England The Great Incendiary, New England & The Wabanaki Confederacy Wars from 1722-1725, Part II - Vincent C. Spiotti
55 Eighteenth Century Traveler Sir William Johnson’s Rangers - Matt Wulff
67 The Gunsmith of Grenville County Peter White... Again The Masonic Kentucky Rifle Raffle, 2016-2017 - Peter A. Alxeander
75 On The Game Trail Spring Turkey, Flintlock Style - Mike Yancey
80 Bill Pritchard, Following the Footsteps of Early American Craftsmen - Mel Stewart Hankla
93 “A Corps of Distinction” German Jaegers in the American Revolution - Joshua Shepherd
100 Fort Atkinson, Sentinel of the Early West - Donald Wade Davis
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