July/August 2016

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Detail from "Race to Jackson’s Hole" an original oil painting by Joe Velázquez.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 People to Watch - Jason W. Gatliff
13 Doin' It Yourself Banding Together: A Practical Exercise in Banded Horn Making - T. C. Albert
23 Treasures from the Past - H. David Wright
25 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Pirate, Francis Drake, Claims California for England, Part IV - Tony Hunter
37 Shooting the Bull Loading the Rifle – Mike Nesbitt
45 18th Century Traveler Keep it Simple Genius, Part II - Matt Wulff
53 Dispatches from New England Gia Get Your Gun - Vincent C. Spiotti
61 Wild Horses, The Spirit of the West - Dana Benner
67 On The Game Trail The Black Ghost of the Allagash - Thomas Black
78 2016 CLF Fund Raising Auction - Joshua Sheperd
93 "Man Purses" From the Past to Knit for Muzzleloading Re-Enactors Now - Eleanor Labine
102 Westward Bound! The Oregon Trail and Its Place in American History - James A Crutchfield
110 Mitch Yates, An 18th Century Artisan in the 21st Century... - Michael Beliveau
125 Classified Ads
127 Index of Display Advertisers
128 For the Bookshelf
101, 109 Voices from the East - Paul Clements
109, 126 Voices from the West - James A. Crutchfield

Editor's Note: The date on the cover of this issue is incorrect, it says "July/August 2015" - This is in fact the 2016 issue, this is shown on the spine and almost every inside page. I apologize for not catching the mistake soon enough to correct it.