March/April 2015


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Detail from When Times Were Good - An original oil painting by Robert Griffing.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 Treasures from the Past - James Blake
13 Doin' It Yourself Lessons Learned the Hard Way - Carving a French & Indian War Horn - T. C. Albert
21 Cache of the Hollow Tree General Nathaneal Greene, The Fighting Quaker: Part I - Tony Hunter
31 Shooting the Bull Turkey Time - Mike Nesbitt
39 Portals in Time Seven Days on the Water: Part I - Mark Sage
49 Dispatches from New England A Connecticute Yankee in a Maryland Fort, The Fort Frederick Market Fair - Vincent C. Spiotti
53 The Gunsmith of Grenville County Another Masonic Kentucky Rifle Rafle - Peter A. Alexander
63 18th Century Traveler Prickett's Fort 2014: School of the Longhunter - Matt Wulff
71 On the Game Trail Texas Rio Grande Turkey Hunt - Mike Yancey
75 The First Grand Devil's Garden Scout - Ross Westgate
81 On the Trail of Thomas Simpson and the Jacob Young Connection - Gil Sherril
90 Charles D. Miller, The Best Kept Secret in North Carolina - Mel Stewart Hankla
101 Classified Ads
103 Index of Display Advertisers
104 For the Bookshelf