November/December 2014


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Detail from Caught off Guard, an original oil painting by David Wright, from the collection of Fred & Beryl Everett.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 Doin' It Yourself Hobnails and Hogrifles - T. C. Albert
19 Cache of the Hollow Tree Henry Knox, The Man Who Delivered the Heavy Guns: Part III - Tony Hunter
27 Shooting the Bull What's in the Pouch? - Mike Nesbitt
35 Portals in Time One Man, Two Worlds, and an Undeserved Reputation: The Life and Times of Simon Girty: Part IV - Mark Sage
43 Dispatches from New England Burning a Few Towns, The Finals Months of Major John Pitcairn: Part I - Vincent C. Spiotti
51 The Gunsmith of Grenville County A Fine Wheellock Rifle - Peter A. Alexander
57 Les Pays Den Haut Choosing Your Path - Thomas Swan
65 Rockhouses and Rhododendron Rockcastle Recollections: Part I - John Curry
72 Jean Heinbuch, A Pretty Good Groove Goin' - John W. Hayes
82 Voices from the West - James A. Crutchfield
83 On the Game Trail Flintlocks in Texas - Tony Kinton
92 Classified Ads
95 Index of Display Advertisers
96 For the Bookshelf