May/June 2014


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Waiting for Cornwallis An original oil painting by Bryant White.
For more information please visit[].
This piece and several others will be presented at History Meets the Arts in Gettysburg, PA. For more details on this event please see the article in this issue on page 77.

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5 Prime Possibles
9 Doin' It Yourself Cobbling up a Traditional Leather Worker's Tool Kit - T. C. Albert
17 Cache of the Hollow Tree Lafayette, The Aristocrat Warrior of the American Revolution: Part IV - Tony Hunter
25 Shooting the Bull Bill Theno’s Original Leman Rifle - Mike Nesbitt
31 Portals in Time One Man, Two Worlds, and an Undeserved Reputation: The Life and Times of Simon Girty: Part I - Mark Sage
39 Dispatches from New England The Wolves of Winter - The Story of the 1704 Raid on Deerfield: Part III - Vincent C. Spiotti
51 The Gunsmith of Grenville County The Ramrod Hole - Peter A. Alexander
57 18th Century Traveler Friends - Matt Wulff
65 On the Game Trail The Old Tree Stand - Bob Allen
68 Mike Miller - The Path of a Contemporary Muzzleloading Gunsmith - John W. Hayes
77 History Meets the Arts - Catriona Todd
85 Horse Scout: Part I - Mark Rutledge
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