July/August 2009


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Hot Day, Cold Water by Robert Griffing

"A More Complete Look at Casting," Mike Nesbitt;
"Capt. John Smith-The First English Frontiersman: Part III," Tony Hunter;
"Tin Cones, Glass Beads & Scrap Leather," T.C. Albert;
"Hudson's Bay Company," Jim Crutchfield;
"The Swamp Rabbit Gun," Terry Eddings;
"Hershel House and His Woodbury School," Mel Hankla;
"The Great Unwashed: Developing a Lower-Class Persona," Gerry Barker;
"Susquehanna Trapline," Mike Blumenstein;
"The Massacre and Burning of Fort Seybert," Roy Kain;
"Graybeards and Gray Hair,: An Adventure in the Rockies," Jim Hannon.