September/October 2010


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Watching the Back Trail by Andrew Knez, Jr.

"From the Board of Ordnance," Mike Nesbitt;
"The Warrior Family of Anthony Wayne, Part V," Tony Hunter;
"Making a Stitch in Time," T.C. Albert;
"The Old Southwest and Its Place in American History, Part V:The Creation of Tennessee, the Natchez Trace, and Aaron Burr," Jim Crutchfield;
"A Quick Second Shot," Rex Allen Norman;
"Firebuck: The Seasoning of My First Flintlock Rifle," Richard Roach;
"Clay Smith's Trade Rifle," Bill Scurlock;
"Three Bears and the One That Got Away, Part II," John W. Hayes;
"Militia Drill," Ronald W. Poppe;
"Bare Ball Ballistics," Fred Stutzenberger and Robert Mims;
"Montana Historical Gunmaker's Guild," Dick Weaver;
"Willing Hunter Orange Invisible," Dennis Neely.