January/February 2013


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Detail of an original painting entitled Fort Cumberland 1755 by Ohio artist Todd Price.

3 Letters from Our Readers
5 Prime Possibles
7 Shooting the Bull For Real First-Timers - Mike Nesbitt
15 Cache of the Hollow Tree The First Colonial Lighthouses in America - Tony Hunter
23 Doin' It Yourself Recreating an Antler-Handled Trade Knife - T. C. Albert
31 Portals in Time The Faith of Daniel Boone - Part I - Mark Sage
39 A Living Historian's Primer on Education - Gerry Barker
46 On the Game Trail I Am not Alone - Dennis Neely
52 People of the Muddy River - Part I - Don Hollway
59 Trail of Blood & Tears - Ross Westgate
65 A Second Look at Skeet - Ron Jones
70 Grizzly Encounters of the Corps of Discovery - Frank Knebel
77 Classified Ads
79 Index of Display Advertisers
80 For the Bookshelf - The Alamo and Beyond, An Altar for Their Sons