January/February 2010


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Long Way from Home by H. David Wright

"The New Henry Trade Rifles," Mike Nesbitt;
"The Warrior Family of Anthony Wayne: Part I," Tony Hunter;
"The Ties That Bind," T.C. Albert;
"The Caravan," Rex Allen Norman;
"The Old Southwest and Its Place in American History, Part I: The Proclamation of 1763 and Longhunters," Jim Crutchfield;
"Feathers for a Friend," Christopher Warden;
"Through a Pipe," Mark Sage;
"Working for Exposure...or Exploitation? How Reenactors Contribute to Cable Television Profits," Eleanor Labine;
"John Colter: Blackfoot Foe/Blackfoot Nemesis," John Legg;
"The American Revolution and the Common Soldier," Richard H. Stock;
"The Warriors of AniKituhwa," Debbie Smith;
"Pouring Lead Artillery Style," James Klaneski.