Volume 17 Number 5 (October/November 2010)

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Lead from the Target Tree by Kyle Carroll
  • 18th Century Methods for Care & Cleaning of Long Arms (Reprint) by Chuck Casada (Staff Writer)
  • The Past Inspires the Future: Playing It Backwards by Barbara Duffy (Staff Writer)
  • The Small Trek by Samuel Stein
  • Flintlock Fieldnotes by Thomas M. Black
  • On Limited Rations by William J. Rundorff
  • by Ricky L. Roberts (Contributing Writer)
  • The Trail Not Taken, Part 1: The Search to Locate a Stand of the King's Mast Trees by Vincent C. Spiotti (Staff Writer)
  • Do You Need a Custom Firearm? by Thomas "Swanny" Swan (Contributing Writer)