September/October 1977


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Navy Arms' 1803 Harpers Ferry Rifled Musket and Siles' Sharps Replica

Cost of MUZZLELOADER To Increase
Prime Possibles
Doc's Prescription - Doc Carlson
Those Darn Flintlocks - Mike Nesbitt
A Genuine Hawken Reproduction - Oran Scurlock, Jr.
Recutting the Muzzleloader - Albert Savoy
The H.E. Dimick Rifle - Major R.O. Ackerman
Building the Custom Rifle, Part III - Charles Richardson
There's Never Been a Sharps Like This One - Bill Bennington
Make Your Own Paper Cartridges - Bill Bennington
Navy Arms 1803 Harpers Ferry Rifle - Art Lisle
Euroarms' Enfield Musketoon - Bill Bennington
Loading Your Cap Lock for Hunting - James Flynn
On the Range - Don Davis
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Classified Advertising
Squirrel Tails and Coon Skins