May/June 2024

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This issue was mailed out on 5/15/24.

ON THE COVER: Detail from Netapolis, an original oil painting by Kevin McDonald.

3 Prime Possibles
7 Doin’ It Yourself Hunting the Elusive “Man in the Moon” Bead — T.C. Albert
15 Shooting the Bull Back to My Trailblazer — Mike Nesbitt
23 Dispatches from New England Back on the Trail Again, Part II — My First Snowshoe Patrol in Nearly a Year — Vincent C. Spiotti
31 Buffalo Trace 1765 Equipment of the Long Hunter — Nathan Kobuck
41 The Builder’s Bench Recreating the Henry Albright 1790 Daisy Head Patchbox, Part III — Jim Parker
47 Forgotten Trails The Fall of Kaskaskia — James A. Crutchfield
53 On the Game Trail Blackpowder Bandtails — Clinton Epps
62 David Rase — Teaching with Grace, Learning with HumilityDick Weaver
77 It’s More than a Gun Show… Why You Should Consider Joining the CLAJason W. Gatliff & Kyle Willyard
81 Brought to Boonesborough: The Material Culture of Early KentuckyJim Mullins
93 Classified Ads
95 Index of Display Advertisers
96 For the Bookshelf