November/December 2023

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Dear Readers,
Unfortunately there was a delay with the November/December issue, the delay was my fault and I humbly apologize. The issue was mailed out on December 8th, 2024.
Jason W. Gatliff, Publisher

ON THE COVER: Detail from Out of the Mist, an original oil painting by Bryant White.

3 Letters from Our Readers
5 Doin’ It Yourself How About a Hand Made Bowie Knife For Christmas — T. C. Albert
13 Shooting the Bull A .50 Caliber Lancaster, My “Trailblazer” — Mike Nesbitt
23 Dispatches from New England Retracing My Steps — Vincent C. Spiotti
31 18th Century Traveler A Percussion Gun — Matt Wulff
40 Wallace Gusler — The Gunsmith of WilliamsburgJames Wright
59 A Perilous Winter Journey; a Contract, a Deadline and “The Death of a Dog” — Part IGary J. Peterson
73 Wild Rice… The Provision They Chiefly Depend Upon, Part IIJohn W. Hayes
81 Masonic Mountain Men 2023 Raffle, Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Hawken Shop & the Hawken RifleJames Parker
93 Classified Ads
96 Index of Display Advertisers