September/October 2023

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ON THE COVER: Detail from Guardian of the Longhouse, an original oil painting by Robert Griffing.

3 Letters from Our Readers
5 Prime Possibles
7 Doin’ It Yourself Personalized War Club Calling Cards — T. C. Albert
17 Shooting the Bull Never Had Much Use for One — Mike Nesbitt
27 Dispatches from New England Spending More Time With Her Family, Introducing Gia’s Boyfriend To Reenacting — Vincent C. Spiotti
37 18th Century Traveler Nothing But a Hunter — Matt Wulff
47 On the Game Trail Sometimes You Get Lucky, A Fallow Buck Hunt in New Zealand — John Rehm
56 Simeon England… Listening to the Voices of the PastKyle Willyard
69 Wild Rice… The Provision They Chiefly Depend Upon, Part IJohn W. Hayes
77 History, Use, & Origin of Sign LanguageMike Moore
85 Highlanders in Georgia—1736IDonald Wade Davis
93 Classified Ads
96 Index of Display Advertisers