January/February 2023

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There was a delay at our printers with this issue, it was scheduled to be mailed out on 12/16 but was actually mailed on 12/27/22.

ON THE COVER: Detail from The Moment of Truth, an original oil painting by David Wright.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
9 People to Watch by Jason W. Gatliff
11 Doin’ It Yourself A New Knife and an Old Horn — T. C. Albert
19 Shooting the Bull Sighting-in a Flintlock Rifle — Mike Nesbitt
29 Cache of the Hollow Tree Two Wars, Two Massive Debts and The Two Revolutions That Changed the World — Tony Hunter
39 Dispatches from New England The Cat Came Back, Part II — Vincent C. Spiotti
47 18th Century Traveler Kenton had a Wender Gun or This is What Happens When OCD Meets Living History — Matt Wulff
57 On the Game Trail Second Chance Buck — Gary W. Brown
64 The Masterful Work of Mike GahaganBob Plott
78 Fishing on the Early Frontier, Part IIJoshua Shepherd
89 Tin Ware in the Fur TradeMike Moore
97 The Passing of George WashingtonJames A. Crutchfield
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 From the Bookshelf