Relief Carving featuring Mike Miller


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Flintlock rifles in the 18th and early 19th century often had their wooden stocks carved with both relief and incise designs. The European and British firearms typically showed a higher evolved art form and detail than the typical colonial American flintlock.

Master Gunsmith Mike Miller from Edmonton, Kentucky first demonstrates how to design, layout, and carve an elegant English shell pattern on the breech of an English fowler. This shell pattern looks simple but is deceivingly difficult to master. The techniques demonstrated here have a broad range of application for relief carving American made flintlock rifles.

Mike then discusses the carving tools he uses, as well as the critically important aspect of how he sharpens them. This DVD also features Mike laying out a pattern and carving of a fine, brass-mounted, maple-stocked American colonial made flintlock rifle. This video footage was taken from our DVD, Building the Daniel Boone Rifle.

While not considered as sophisticated carvings as their European and British examples, the American Rococo was very creative, well designed and executed, and influential on its own merit. Learning from a Master how to properly carve a fine flintlock rifle in a historically correct manner is priceless.

This DVD is 85-minutes long of educational, entertaining and detailed information, taped in HD on location at Mike Miller’s shop in Kentucky.