Longhunter Series Set


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This set contains all five volumes of our Longhunter Series:

Volume One discusses clothing, making center seam moccasins, oil cloth, accouterments, rifle cleaning, firearms, walnut dye, paper cartridges & various skills used by hunters on the eastern frontier during the 18th century. Flint knapping demo by William White.

Volume Two demonstrates more aspects of frontier life such as fire starting with flint & steel, open fire cooking, parching corn, bedroll, jerky, Johnny cake, hot chocolate, casting ball, quick bread & a segment with Paul Dinsmore showing how to brain tan a deerskin.

Volume Three Mark makes shoe packs for cold weather, turkey calls, cooking fish & fowl, roasting coffee beans, brewing coffee, tea, food sacks, shelters & cow knees. Mike Alton demonstrates a match coat & James Moore shows how to make a turkey call.

Volume Four includes food items in the settlements, preparing trail rations, belt axes, leggings, campsites & famous one-blanket tricks and more.

Volume Five The saga continues with Mark Baker bringing to life the frontier experience. Educational and entertaining with demonstrations in camp life, open fire cooking, speed loading and water crossings. Special features include Wallace Gusler on hunting shirts and Charlie Brown bark tanning deerskin. Join with Second Company heading into the woods. Many projects and demonstrations captured on this three hour long double disc DVD.