September/October 2016


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William Washington, an original oil painting by Pamela Patrick White, from the collection of Richard and Janice Crosby.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 People to Watch - Jason W. Gatliff
13 Doin' It Yourself A Groundhog Hunting Bag from Scratch - T. C. Albert
21 Treasures from the Past - Mel S. Hankla
23 Cache of the Hollow Tree The Origins of the Western fur Trade, Part I - Tony Hunter
31 Shooting the Bull New Guns from Green River Rifle Works Collectors Association – Mike Nesbitt
37 18th Century Traveler Schoenbrunn Village Trade Faire - Matt Wulff
45 Dispatches from New England Autumn Traditions, Celebrating American History in a New England Town - Vincent C. Spiotti
55 Portals in Time Traveling a Corridor of History, America's Frontier History Expedition, Part I - Mark Sage
65 The Writings of a Mad Woman Lady Restored - Suzanne Thomson
73 On The Game Trail First Bull - James Stella
78 Wick Ellerbe, The Man Behind the LRB Touchmark - John W. Hayes
90 John Small's Grouseland Rifle, An Official State Rifle and its Reproduction - Joe Jansen
103 "Old Bill" Williams, Arizona's Famous Mountainman - Dana Benner
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf
101, 107 Voices from the East - Paul Clements
102, 110 Voices from the West - James A. Crutchfield