January/February 2008


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French Creek-1753 by John Buxton

"Traveling beyond the Beaten Track," Mark A. Baker;
"Shooting with Bob," Mike Nesbitt;
"Piracy Comes to North American Waters: Part One," Tony Hunter;
"New Techniques II," Peter A. Alexander;
"Marching with the Army of the West, Part IV: Sojourn at Bent's Fort," Jim Crutchfield;
"The Trap Spring Dagger," T.C. Albert;
"They Did It and So Can I," Dennis Neely;
"The Battle of Fallen Timbers," Steven M. Cole;
"Rendezvous Music," Scott Walker;
"Cabela's 'Blue Ridge' Rifle by Pedersoli," John Rhodes;
"Dave Dolliver Honored by Washington's Gunmakers," Mike Nesbitt.