March/April 1981


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Riflemaker Glen Jones with his wife Annette

Editorial - Oran Scurlock
Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
Glen Jones- A Riflemaker On The Way Up - Oran Scurlock, Jr.
Doin' It Yourself Silver Wire Inlay - Charles Richardson
Primitive Doin's Doin's About Deer - Mike Nesbitt
Old Time Turkey Hunting - Dwain Bland
Pistol Markmanship- Part Two Grip and Sight Alignment - Bob Reiber
1980 International Matches - J.W. "Doc" Carlson
Scatter Shots Dixie's New 10 Gauge - Max Vickery
Cache of the Hollow Tree The Hudson's Bay Company of Adventures - Tony Hunter
On The Range The "One-Gun" Muzzleloaders - Don Davis
The Muzzleloader Bulletin Board- Shoots & Rendezvous
Linda Capocci- Scrimshander - George D. Glenn
For The Young 'Uns - Flinlock Larrabee
Three's A Charm? - Bill Sanders
Shot From The Front - Vik
Doc's Rx - Doc Carlson
Use Your Noggin - Manuel Labor
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