May/June 1991


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A Bent's Fort Trapper by Tim Tanner

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
A Pilgrim's Journey A Believable Image - Mark A. Baker
The Gunsmith of Grenville County 8th Annual Dixon's Gunmaker's Fair - Peter A. Alexander
Tidings from the 18th Century - Beth Gilgun
Gather 'Round the Stove
Cache of the Hollow Tree The Wilderness Battles of the War of 1812: Part Six - Tony Hunter
From the Tinker's Shop - Tom Redman
Keeping It Dry The Earliest Powder Flasks - William J. McPeak
The Battle of Nashville December 15-16, 1864 - Jim Crutchfield
The Simplest, Fairest Way to Score Rendezvous Events - Bernie Rowe
The Battle of Flint Creek - Daryl Visser
Candle Making - Tom Harbin
High Country Fairs Early Trade Gatherings in New Mexico - Dan Scurlock
The Legacy of the American Trapper - Robert A. Freeman
Classified Ads
Eyewitness to History An Early Nashvillian Reminisces - Jim Crutchfield