March/April 1996


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Instinctive Aim by Jack Paluh

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
A Pilgrim's Journey The Final Evaluation - Mark A. Baker
The Gunsmith of Grenville County Engraving - Peter A. Alexander
Tidings from the 18th Century Bound Servants - Beth Gilgun
Cache of the Hollow Tree The Frontal Assault of Infantry in the 18th and 19th Centuries - Tony Hunter
Eyewitness to History Before Lewis And Clark - Jim Crutchfield
Gather 'Round the Stove
Foul Weather Gobbler Tactics - Randy D. Smith
Weekend at Walnut Grove - Fred Stutzenberger
George Catlin: Part II - Jerry Zaslow
Casting Bullets in Camp - Mike Nesbitt
Creating A Persona With Particular Attention to the Ladies - Cathy Johnson
Fact, Fancy or Bunk! - Bill Cunningham and Karen South Arnold
A Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains - Jim Crutchfield
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