Of Sorts for Provincials by Jim Mullins (Soft Cover)


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This new book boldly displays the firearms, swords, and accouterments of the American provincial soldiers during the French and Indian War, 1754 1763. Unlike their British counterparts, the American provincials were issued a wide range of weapons from standard British Long Land muskets and carbines to civilian rifles and fowlers. These were often old, used, and in poor condition, guns that were described by British officers as "of sorts for Provincial". These weapons did not come only from British contractors and the Board of Ordnance, but from foreign countries such as Holland, Belgium, and France. Each style of long arm came with a unique bayonet, many of which are shown throughout the book. Original examples of these unique weapons, as well as excavated pieces, are shown from public and private collections throughout the country. Close-up views of the unique maker's marks, proof marks, top views, and detail views show features rarely revealed. Long arms, a variety of swords, knives, pole-arms, and pistols were used by the American soldiers. Besides weapons, the accouterments used by the soldiers are also covered, including cartridge pouches and boxes, shot pouches, powder horns, powder measures, and cleaning tools. A native of Virginia, Jim Mullins has exhaustively researched this subject, utilizing original journals, orderly books, and official military records housed on both sides of the Atlantic. The results have been meticulously broken down by year and by colony. He tells the story of the many problems encountered while arming the American colonial soldiers, by using actual quotes from the correspondence of the British officers. Some of the quotes are harsh critiques of the undisciplined American soldiers and volunteers. Showcased in high resolution, full color, all images were made by photographer and author Ryan R. Gale whose companion book, A Soldier-Like Way has become a favorite on French and Indian War arms of the British Infantry.