A Soldier-Like Way (Soft Cover)


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Ryan Gale's "A Soldier-Like Way" is certainly one of the most exciting books covering military material culture to appear in decades. Focusing on the actual objects used by the British Army during the 3rd quarter of the 18th century, Gale covers everything from the tiniest personal items to the weapons carried by soldier and officer alike. Unlike anything yet published, Gale avoids the droning repetition of tired secondary-source documentation and lets the 18th century speak for itself. The words penned by these warriors in their letters, journals, manuals and official papers are artfully organized and interwoven with images of original objects, archaeologically recovered relics and period images - all of which are presented in full-color and glorious quality. As if the above wasn't enough, within these covers one will find the complete set of David Morier's infantry Grenadiers, appearing in a full-color large format for the first time. "A Soldier-Like Way" is a must for the reenactor, collector, military historian and museum professional alike and Gale is to be heartily congratulated for this most important contribution to the field of 18th century military studies.