September/October 2011


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Among the Big Hickories by David Wright

"An Old-Timer's Ways," Mike Nesbitt;
"The Southern Exploration of the Louisiana Purchase: Part II," Tony Hunter;
"Decorating a Legacy: Powder Horn Basics," T.C. Albert;
"A Journey into the World of Northwest Trade Guns: Part II-Discovering History," Mark Sage;
"Turkey Hunting Trip on Horseback," John Cockrum;
"My Favorite Mountian Man," Rex Allen Norman;
"Frizzen Bounce-Back," Frank Twist;
"Getting Down to Cast Tacks: Researching and Making a Rendezvous-Era Knife Sheath," Scott Walker;
"The Box," Stan Lance;
"Fixing Nature's Flaws," Fred Stutzenberger;
"One Man's Treasure: The Restoration of a Plains Rifle," Gordy Whitcomb.