March/April 2011


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Tracking Bahd-ler by Todd Price

"Trade Gun Doin's," Mike Nesbitt;
"How Generals, Chiefs and Commanders Die, Part II," Tony Hunter;
"Making a Horse Pistol Holster," T.C. Albert;
"Indian Lodges and the Rendezvous Era," Rex Allen Norman;
"Incident at Red River," Mark Sage;
"Sharpshooters to the Top! Small Arms Marksmanship in the Age of Sail," Gary Yee;
"Sole Food for Frizzens," Robert Mims & Fred Stutzenberger;
"Bagging My First Deer," Kevin P. Madden;
"The Scarlet H: Female Reenactors' Use of 18th Century Haversacks," Eleanor Labine;
"Bill Wright: A Quillworker You Should Know," T.C. Albert;
"Smoothbore Turkey Loads," John W. Hayes.