July/August 2024

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This issue was mailed out on 6/26/24.

ON THE COVER: Detail from Les Jeunes Voyageurs, an original oil painting by Lon Brauer.

3 Letters from Our Readers
7 Prime Possibles
11 Doin’ It Yourself So That’s Scrimshaw Bead — T.C. Albert
19 Shooting the Bull Shooting the .36 Navy — Mike Nesbitt
27 Dispatches from New England Military Patrol — Vincent C. Spiotti
35 Buffalo Trace 1765 Cuttoe Knives and Hoppuses — Nathan Kobuck
43 The Builder’s Bench Building from a Blank, Part I — Jim Parker
49 Forgotten Trails David Jackson—Mystery Man of the Rockies — James A. Crutchfield
57 On the Game Trail A Short Deer Hunting Story — Darrell Duensing
60 David MorrisMarty Thompson
74 The 2024 Contemporary Longrifle Foundation Fundraising AuctionJoshua Shepherd
93 Classified Ads
95 Index of Display Advertisers
96 For the Bookshelf

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