September/October 2015


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William F. Brown, III - Photograph by James Brown.

3 Letters from Our Readers 7 People to Watch - Jason W. Gatliff
9 Doin' It Yourself Making Your Own Revolutionary War Era Porringer Canteen - T. C. Albert
15 Treasures from the Past - H. David Wright
17 Cache of the Hollow Tree General Nathaneal Greene, The Fighting Quaker: Part IV - Tony Hunter
27 Shooting the Bull Paul Bunyan's 40th Rendezvous – Mike Nesbitt
35 Dispatches from New England Living the Life, The Fort Ticonderoga Interpretive Staff : Part II - Vincent C. Spiotti
43 Portals in Time "Turbanology" – Mark Sage
50 The Western Fur Trade, A Short History: Part II - James A. Crutchfield
58 Glenn A. McClain, A Master Bladesmith with Scottish Flair - Mel Stewart Hankla
69 Robert Rogers From Prodigious Feats of Valor to the Most Miserable State of Wretchedness, Part II - Tim J. Todish
79 Rockhouses and Rhododendron Down on the Dry Fork - John Curry
87 The Granville County Deer "Hunt"-Tradition at Its Finest - William F. Brown, III
95 Old School Smoothbore Loading, Part II: ShotMike Beliveau
101 Watercraft of the First Americans, Part I: The Bark Canoe - Fred Stutzenberger and Matthew Stutzenberger
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf

5, 85 Voices from the West - James A. Crutchfield
100, 107 Voices from the East - Paul Clements