November/December 2013


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White Man Fire Sticks © Howard Terpning. Signed and numbered giclee available from The Greenwich Workshop Gallery, Seymour,CT.

3   Letters from Our Readers
7   Prime Possibles
11 Doin' It Yourself Getting Hosed with a Broken Powder Flask - T. C. Albert
17 Cache of the Hollow Tree Lafayette, The Aristocrat Warrior Of The American Revolution: Part 1 - Tony Hunter
25 Shooting the Bull It Finally Happened to Me - Mike Nesbitt
33 The Far West The Trapper’s Bride - Rex Allen Norman
39 Portals in Time The Commonly Worn But Universally Overlooked Sleeve Button - Mark Sage
47 Dispatches from New England “Throw the Tea into the Sea” A Visit to the New Boston Tea & Ships Museum - Vincent C. Spiotti
57 Les Pays Den Haut EMMA: A 16th & 17th Century Living History Experience - David A. Schmid
62 The Artistry of Scott & Cathy Sibley - John W. Hayes
71 Myths, Truths, & Half-Truths Explained: A Look at Training with, and the Use, Care and Capabilities of, Military Firearms in Colonial and Revolutionary America: Part I - Tim J. Todish
79 On Discerning the Most Convenient Path - John Curry
87 Dean & Midge Oliver, Knife Makers - Mike Nesbitt
93 Classified Ads
95 Index of Display Advertisers
96 For the Bookshelf