September/October 2013


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Detail from Camp at Bear Rocks by Robert Griffing. Prints and cancas giclees available through Lord Nelson's Gallery.

3   Letters from Our Readers
7   Prime Possibles
13 Doin' It Yourself Carving a French & Indian War Era Highland Dirk - T. C. Albert
21 Cache of the Hollow Tree Chief Joseph Brandt, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part IV - Tony Hunter
31 Shooting the Bull Just 'Cause I Always Wanted To - Mike Nesbitt
39 Portals in Time Indian Tracks II - The All Important Snowshoe Binding - Mark Sage
47 Dispatches from New England Mast Men: Part III - How the New England Naval Mast Trade Helped Spark the American Revolution - Vincent C. Spiotti
47 18th Century Traveler Just What is a Ranger? - Matt Wulff
64 Ken Gahagan - Restocking the 18th Century - John W. Hayes
73 McFarland House - Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva
Colonial Gunsmith: G.L. Jones - Randy Cline
83 Classified Ads
87 Index of Display Advertisers
88 For the Bookshelf