September/October 1998


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Council With The Allies, Marquis DeMontcalm at Fort Carillion by Robert Griffing

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
The Gunsmith of Grenville County My Williamsburg Vacation Part III: Forging a Barrel - Peter A. Alexander
Tidings from the 18th Century Cookware and Cookery - Beth Gilgun
Cache of the Hollow Tree New World Trade Part I: The Iroquois and the Dutch - Tony Hunter
Eyewitness to History The Death of William Clark - Jim Crutchfield
Gather 'Round the Stove
The Teton Meadows Rendezvous - Richard Patton and Whit Hibbard
Re-creating Sir John Caldwell's Leggings - Ted Franklin Belue
Frontier: The Legends of the Old Northwest - Tim J. Todish
Period Knives from the Forge of John Switzer - Dan Shechtman
The Philadelphia Lives Again - Peskunck Larrabee
Brodhead Attacks A Trail Through History - William J. Rundorff
The Canoe Gun From North Star West - Mike Nesbitt
Under Cover of Darkness - Wade Stoner
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