March/April 1998


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Pipe Tomahawk Made by Frank House

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
A Pilgrim's Journey Hearing The Call - Mark A. Baker
The Gunsmith of Grenville County The First Contemporary Gunmaker's Showcase - Peter A. Alexander
Tidings from the 18th Century Hunting Game for Sport and Table - Beth Gilgun
Cache of the Hollow Tree Aaron Burr Part Two: Burr's Military Career Ends - Tony Hunter
Eyewitness to History George Catlin and the Mandans - Jim Crutchfield
Contemporary Pipe Tomahawks - Paul R. Jones
Gather 'Round the Stove
Fort Frederick - Scott Allen
Hunting Primitive on a Game Farm - Mark Sage
Betty Zane and the Siege of Fort Henry - Curt Schmidt
The Zephyr - Mike Nesbitt
Powder Options for the Muzzleloader: Part II - R. H. VanDenburg, Jr.
Inwardly Ravening Wolves - Clayton Emery
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