March/April 2007


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Discovered by John Buxton

Smoke Signals
Prime Possibles
A Pilgrim's Journey There's Nothing More Amusing - Mark A. Baker
Shooting The Bull Experiences with Smoothbores - Mike Nesbitt
Cache of the Hollow Tree Salvaging the Great Sunken Guns -Tony Hunter
Eyewitness to History The Wesley Brothers in America - Jim Crutchfield
"Jaeger's Battalion": A Brief History - Tim J. Todish
The Question of Coning:Part I - Fred Stutzenberger with Brian Turpin
The Battle of San Jacinto - Jerry Tubbs and Charlie Yates
The Wounded Hawk Campaign - Kai Moessle
Shaving in the 18th Century - Matt Wulff
Harmar's Defeat - Steven M. Cole
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