March/April 2008


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Over the Hills by Ken Smith

"Following the Quiet Ones in the Dark," Mark A. Baker;
"More on Pouches," Mike Nesbitt;
"Piracy Comes to North American Waters: Part Two," Tony Hunter;
"New Techniques III," Peter A. Alexander;
"Lighten Up!" Rex Allen Norman;
"A Leather-Covered Bottle," T.C. Albert,
"Marching with the Army of the West, Part V: From Bent's Fort to Raton Pass," Jim Crutchfield;
"Recreating the American Longrifle with the Gunsmith of Grenville County," Zack Taylor;
"The Ghost of Buggy Road," Steve White;
"The Buffalo Hunt," Edward McDermott;
"The 18th Century Sporting Shooter," Richard Rutherford-Moore.