May/June 2009


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First Attack on Fort Boonesborough by Andrew Knez, Jr.

"Scouting for New Shooters," Mike Nesbitt;
"Hunting, Horns and Tips," Peter A. Alexander;
"Capt. John Smith-The First English Frontiersman: Part II," Tony Hunter;
"Telling the Story: Teaching & Interpreting the Fur Trade West," Rex Allen Norman;
"A Horn Tinderbox," T.C. Albert;
"Fort Osage," Jim Crutchfield;
"My First Muzzleloading Deer Hunt," Jerry Tubbs;
"Harold Moore, Horn Maker," Dick Weaver;
"At the Pawnees's: Part Two," Alex Miller;
"The Saga of the HMS Nancy," Andrew Hind;
"The 18th Century Hand," Gerry Barker;
"We Hid Our Sleys and Packs," Matt Wulff.