Classified Ads

Classified Ads

All classified ads must be accompanied by full payment. We do not bill for classified ads. The cost is 70 cents per word with a $14.00 minimum and includes publication in print and online. Name, address, etc. all count as words. Abbreviations such as U.S.A. or SASE count as one word. Hyphenated words count as two words. Ads with insufficient funds will be edited to appropriate word count. Objectionable advertising will not be published, and we reserve the right to change all copy to meet our standards. Please type or print all copy. No proofs will be furnished. If an error is our fault, we will insert a correct ad in the earliest possible issue at no extra cost. Deadlines are the first day of the month, two months before each issue date. (Example: To get an ad in the November/December issue, we must have the copy by September 1st.) Send check, money order, Visa/MC to: MUZZLELOADER, P.O. Box 1316, Gallatin, TN 37066 or call 615-230-9853.

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Books & Tapes


BUCKSKIN CLOTHING, moccasins, fur hats, primitive weapons catalog $3.00. TECUMSEH’S 4 Liberty Lane, Cody, Wy 82414.


THE GUN WORKS has available for immediate shipment our new 250-page catalog. Order online at [] or call 541-741-4118. Cost $6.00 plus freight.

Fur & Leather

FOR SALE-Tanned furs, rawhide, buckskins, antlers, sweetgrass, claws, feathers, beads, etc. Over 10,000 items. Complete internet catalog (pictures). [].


KEN SCOTT-Maker of museum-quality hunting pouches. Handsewn. Antiqued to resemble old originals. []. Phone 317-445-0234. Email: [].

TRADITIONAL MUZZLELOADER HUNTS for elk and deer in Montana. For more information contact: BIG SKY GUIDE AND OUTFITTERS OF MONTANA 507-251-9433. (Lic. #: 45018)

RON VAIL-Historical Accurate, museum quality powder horns, horn cups, and other horn items. Purchased by reenactors, collectors, and interior decorators. []

DRUMS, BEADS, HAIRPIPE, patterns, plus other native American crafts/supplies. Send $1.00 for price list. WILDERNESS CRAFTS, 31 French Road, Dept ML, Abbot ME 04406.

KEN SCOTT-American Frontier Artwork. Records of Marriage & Birth. Leatherbound Journals. []. Phone 317-445-0234. Email: [].

PERIOD CLOTHING AND MUZZLELOADING SUPPLIES—Forty years in business. []. 724-586-7220.

PRIMITIVE LONGBOWS (custom made) Begin: $200, plus shipping, call for catalog, MILLER’S LONGBOWS, 25 Cordwood Road, Divide, Montana 59727, 406-832-3195.

JACK WEEKS Two Ravens Leatherwork. Hand dyed and hand sewn hunting bags, accoutrements, trekking gear. Inventory with pictures or commission. [].


BLACK HART LONG ARMS, Pennsylvania and New England longrifles. Online since 1997. EDWIN PARRY, 227 Westford Road, Eastford CT 06242. 860-245-4648. [].

THE GUN WORKS is the master distributor of Oregon Barrel Company making rifled and smooth bore barrels; 30 caliber to 2 bore, pistols, rifle and cartridge, up to 35" octagon, round, tapered round and octagon to round. Call for quote, 541-741-4118, or [].

L&R LOCK CO. Your source for quality locks and triggers with the best price and delivery. 803-481-5790, [].

Internet Traders

Shooting Supplies

THE MAINE POWDER HOUSE—Your Real Black Powder Source! WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! We have GOEX, Schuetzen and Swiss Black Powder. Visit our website at [] or Call Today at 207-671-5580.

THE GUN WORKS, master distributors of Black Widow Bullets (proven to have very good knock-down power) and Bridger's Best patching, looking for dealers and general sales, [], 541-741-4118.

THE BUFFALO ARMS COMPANY, proud distributor of Swiss, Schuetzen and Goex black powder. We carry it all, ammo, reloading supplies and firearms. [] 208-263-6953.

COONIE'S BLACK POWDER-Goex: Fg-FFFFg, Cannon, Cartridge, Cowboy, Express, Reenactor. Swiss black powder. Goex Pinnacle and Clear Shot (black powder substitute). Will mix cases. PO Box 2062, Hobbs NM 88241. 1-800-713-6321, fax 575-393-6060, email [].