Merchant Listing

March 16th, 2020 - Updated 4/2/20

Hello Everyone,
As many of you know several events both indoor shows and outdoor living history events have been cancelled recently due to the Corona Virus / COVID-19. Many of you are aware that it is largely a cottage industry of vendors, merchants, or artisans who support our hobby. The vast majority of these vendors and merchants are very small family owned and family operated business that have few, if any, full time employees. These same merchants rely heavily on the income generated at shows and events.

Because these event cancellations will seriously harm many of the vendors and merchants who support our hobby we have decided to create this page so that you can find merchants and continue to support them even if you can't attend an event to do so. This listing will be open to any merchant, vendor, or artisan who caters to our hobby. We thank you all for your continued support and business.

If you are a merchant, vendor, or artisan who would like to be listed here, please use the Contact Us Form to send us a message and be sure to include:

Business Name, Proprietor's Name, City & State.
A Short (1-3) sentence description of your business (be sure to include any specials you are offering such as discount codes or etc.)
Your website address (we will only be listing merchants who have websites)

Thank you very much,
The Gatliff Family - Jason, Janna, and Avery

  • Avalon Forge - John White - Baltimore, Maryland
    Purveyor of replica 18th century goods for reenactors and historic sites. Please see our web site at:

  • Blue Cat Buttonworks - Cheryl Childress - Crozier, Virginia
    Custom and ready-made 18th century buttons and linen market wallets. Thread, Dorset Wheels, and Death Heads a specialty. We also carry metal (plain and fancy), bone, and horn buttons.

  • Cobb Creek Merchants - Kathy Ring - Lebanon, Missouri
    We provide quality 18th century men's clothing. We are located in Lebanon, Mo. and our website is and phone number is 417-588-1288. Email

  • Delp Stockings - Michael & Krista Delp - Elk Creek, Virginia
    Delp Stockings is a small U.S. business that for the last 23 years has provided fine historical reproductions of stockings, gloves, and accessories. Our products are available in a host of different materials, colors, weights, and sizes. Just a few of our customers include reenactors, quality merchants, historic sites, and costumers for theatrical and film productions.

  • Father, Son and Friends - Joey Hall - Clayton, Ohio
    We are a Colonial merchant with a Celtic flair! We sell hand made and imported goods from the USA and around the world. We showcase Joey's Leather Sporrans, Quivers and Shoulder Bags.

  • Fort Vause Outfitters - Henry L. Bryant - Elliston, Virginia
    Fort Vause Outfitters is a supplier of historically accurate products to Historical Parks, Museums and Reenactors. We Specialize in 18th Century reproduction Leather Work and other items. Custom work is welcome.

  • From Common Hands Studio - Paul A. McClintock - Clinton, Washinton
    Book Bindery at the sign of the CROWN & BOOK, specializing in 18th century inspired bookbinding. We are a supplier to Museums, Historic sites and Living Historians.

  • Kentucky Leather and Hides - Mike and Penny Wayne - Elizabethtown, Kentucky
    Your source for all of your leather craft needs. 270-369-8474

  • Leather from the Past - Darrell Lang - Wayne, Michigan
    Creates 18th century leather shot bags and other leather accoutrements.

  • Log Cabin Shop - Liza Kindig - Lodi, Ohio
    Celebrating 80 years of business, Log Cabin Shop is a supplier of muzzleloading components, shooting supplies, books, and many other goods.

  • Moore's Primitives - Brian & Sandy Moore - Kissee Mills, Missouri
    We carry some men's clothing, all kinds of books, and clothing patterns. Most everything we stock is on the website.

  • Old Dominion Forge - Kyle Willyard - Bloomfield, Indiana
    Master Cutler and provider of knives, swords, powder horns, pewter wares, and antique weapons.

  • Sheldon Pewter - Darryl Sheldon - South Beloit, Illinois
    Hand cast lead free Pewter buttons, pins, pipe tampers, badges, cloak clasps and celtic jewelry. We offer custom design medallions for rendezvous and market faires.

  • Smiling Fox Forge, LLC - Scott & Renee Rathfelder - Freemont, Ohio
    18th century reproductions, See our web site or eBay store. One of our specialties is belt, strap, cartridge, shoe, knee, and stock buckles.

  • Spring Valley Lodges - Jim Fairchild - Batavia, Illinois
    Spring Valley Lodges for over 34 years, we have been making quality tents and canvas items for the reenactment community. 630-879-1739 and Like us on Facebook.

  • Stitchers Cabin - Tim & Sharon Milligan - Christiansburg, Ohio
    We are manufacturers of pre-1840’s style clothing an seven different style hats. Our phone number is. 937-857-9745

  • Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading - Matt Avance - Natchez, Mississippi
    For 20 years we have offered custom kits for all skill levels and a wide range of long rifles and smooth bores. Matt hand shapes each stock to order so we can customize any style kit or build for lefties as well as the right handed folks. Standard builds are available in our showroom, or you can specify length of pull, type of lock, caliber, lock orientation, etc. We recently added the Natchez Poor Boy for $999 and have various specials on our kits and showroom pieces! 601.445.5482,

  • Turkey Foot Trading - Allen Schroll - Madison, Missouri
    We are provide quality 18th and 19th century items. From dried food stuff to hemp rope. We are located in Madison, MO. and our web site is Our phone number is 660-291-4842, e mail us at

  • Westminster Forge - Tom Brown - Versailles, Connecticut
    Supplier of 18th and 19th century reproduction copper wares, such as cooking pots from 16 ounces to 5 gallons, tankards, coffee and tea pots, canteens, and cisterns.

  • Veteran Arms LLC - Charles Misulia - Lumpkin, Georgia
    Veteran Arms sells affordable reproduction arms and equipment from the muzzleloading era. Offerings include historical muskets and pistols, muzzleloading accessories, and services to film and television productions.

  • White Historic Art - Bryant & Pamela Patrick White - Everett, Pennsylvania
    Bryant and Pamela are creating art to preserve 18th Century history and educate the public about our past. Focus includes the American Revolution, The French and Indian War, Eastern Woodland Native Americans, and Colonial America.