Youth Gunbuilding Scholarship

2024 Youth Gunbuilding Scholarship

In an effort to promote and encourage the art of longrifle building among young people, we are proud to partner with the Kentucky Rifle Foundation for the Youth Gunbuilders Scholarship. This scholarship will allow for one recipient to to attend a one-week-long gun building seminar hosted by Southern Ohio Artisan Workshops. The seminar is taught by Ken Gahagan and Ian Pratt and will be held February 25th - March 2nd, 2024 at FFA Camp Muskingum in Carrollton, Ohio. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, room and board - plus an additional amount which in most cases will cover the cost of all gun parts needed to participate in the class.

To apply, you must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and have a desire to learn the craft of longrifle building. The scholarship is offered both to beginners and those with experience. Prior gunbuilding or related skills such as wood or metal working are worth describing in the essay but are not a requirements. To apply you must write a short essay which will serve as your entry. Do you shoot traditional muzzleloaders or hunt with them? Are you involved in living history or reenactment? Do you have experience with other early American crafts? Or are you a complete newcomer who wants to get involved ? All are welcome to apply. You can include descriptions of what you expect to gain from attending the class, what your present and future goals might be, why you would be a good candidate for the class, and any other information you feel is relevant.

To enter, please mail your essays by January 15, 2024 to: MUZZLELOADER , PO Box 1316, Gallatin, TN 37066 or email to jason at . We ask that you only apply if you are serious about making the full week's commitment and can provide your own travel to the class. We will award the scholarship to one person. All applicants will be notified of the results. We hope you'll apply and we look forward to receiving your essay!

For more information on Ian and Ken’s gunbuilding class, or for more information about Canter’s Cave, please contact:

Joe McGee - Seminar Coordinator
PO Box 504,
Batavia, OH 45103
Phone: 513-707-8362
Cell: 513-313-1111

Left to Right: Ian Pratt, Noah Miller - The recipient of the 2016 MUZZLELOADER Magazine Youth Gunbuilding Scholarship, and Jim Kibler

Left to Right: Ken Gahagan, Blakely Chambers - The recipient of the 2017 MUZZLELOADER Magazine Youth Gunbuilding Scholarship, and Ian Pratt

Left to Right: Ken Gahagan, Levi Miller - The recipient of the 2018 MUZZLELOADER Magazine Youth Gunbuilding Scholarship, and Ian Pratt