Index of Articles


A Demand of Blood-- Mark Sage, Nov/Dec, pg. 96.
An Alter For Their Sons-- Tim J. Todish, Jan/Feb, pg. 76.
Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements-- Mark Sage, Sep/Oct, pg. 85.
Engraving Historic Firearms-- Peter A. Alexander, Jul/Aug, pg. 92.
Every Insult & Indignity-- Dick Weaver, Jul/Aug, pg. 85.
Fallen Timbers-- Andrew Hind, Sep/Oct, pg. 85.
Handbook of Eastern Woodland Indian Languages-- Vincent Spiotti, Jul/Aug, pg. 85.
The Alamo and Beyond-- Tim J. Todish, Jan/Feb, pg. 80.
Twined Bags-- Vincent Spiotti, Sep/Oct, pg. 86.
Women of Influence-- Mike Nesbitt, Nov/Dec, pg. 92.

A Second Look at Skeet-- Ron Jones, Jan/Feb, pg. 65.
Colonial Gunsmith: G.L. Jones-- Randy Cline, Sep/Oct, pg. 79.
Just 'Cause I Always Wanted To-- Mike Nesbitt, Sep/Oct, pg. 31.
Ken Gahagan-Restocking The 18th Century-- John W. Hayes, Sep/Oct, pg. 64.
Mike Miller-Man of Many Talents-- John Curry, Mar/Apr, pg. 41.

18th Century Traveler-- Matt Wulff, "Rangers at Bushy Run", Jul/Aug, pg. 47. "Just What is a Ranger?", Sep/Oct, pg. 55.
Cache of the Hollow Tree-- Tony Hunter, "The First Colonial Lighthouses in America", Jan/Feb, pg. 15. "Chief Joseph Brant, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part I", Mar/Apr, pg. 19. "Chief Joseph Brant, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part II", May/Jun, pg. 25. "Chief Joseph Brant, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part III", Jul/Aug, pg. 19. "Chief Joseph Brant, Warrior and Diplomat of the Crown: Part IV", Sep/Oct, pg. 21. "Lafayette, The Aristocrat Warrior Of The American Revolution: Part I", Nov/Dec, pg. 17.
Dispatches From New England-- Vincent C. Spiotti, "Mast Men: Part I- How the New England Naval Mast Trade Helped Spark the American Revolution", May/June, pg. 47. "Mast Men: Part II- How the New England Naval Mast Trade Helped Spark the American Revolution", Jul/Aug, pg. 57. "Mast Men: Part III- How the New England Naval Mast Trade Helped Spark the American Revolution", Sep/Oct, pg. 47.
Grizzly Encounters of the Corps of Discovery-- Frank Knebel, Jan/Feb, pg. 70.
McFarland House-- Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva, Sep/Oct, pg. 73.
Myths, Truths, & Half-Truths Explained: A Look at Training with, and the Use, Care and Capabilities of, Military Firearms in Colonial and Revolutionary America: Part I-- Tim J. Todish, Nov/Dec, pg. 71.
People of the Muddy River-- Don Hollway, "Part I", Jan/Feb, pg. 52. "Part II", Mar/Apr, pg. 53.
Pontiac's Revolt-- Tim J. Todish, Mar/Apr, pg. 66.
Portals In Time-- Mark Sage, "The Faith of Daniel Boone-Part I", Jan/Feb, pg. 31. "The Faith of Daniel Boone-Part II", Mar/Apr, pg. 33. "The Faith of Daniel Boone-Part III", May/June, pg. 33. "Citizen Soldiers, Dirty Shirts, Pirates and Army Regulars", Jul/Aug, pg. 34. "Indian Tracks II- The All Important Snowshoe Binding", Sep/Oct, pg. 39. "The Commonly Worn But Universally Overlooked Sleeve Button", Nov/Dec, pg. 39.
Quinney's Horn-- Brad Larson, Mar/Apr, pg. 59.

Doin' It Yourself-- T.C. Albert, "Recreating an Antler-Handled Trade Knife", Jan/Feb, pg. 23. "A Homemade Spike Ax", Mar/Apr, pg. 27. "Fearless Men-Perilous Times-Getting Down to the Brass Tacks of Historical Painting", May/June, pg. 11. "Pouches Straight Laced and Proper", Jul/Aug, pg. 11. "Carving a French & Indian War Era Highland Dirk", Sep/Oct, pg. 13. "Getting Hosed with a Broken Powder Flask", Nov/Dec, pg. 11.

Shooting The Bull-- Mike Nesbitt, "For Real First-Timers", Jan/Feb, pg. 7. "Shot Loads and Loading Shot", Mar/Apr, pg. 9. "A New Tack for Little Tacky", May/June, pg. 17. "Little Things that can Really Count", Jul/Aug, pg. 27. "Just 'Cause I Always Wanted To", Sep/Oct, pg. 31. "It Finally Happened to Me", Nov/Dec, pg. 25.
Noxubee Hill to Devil's Backbone My Ultimate Spring Break Flintlock Turkey Season-- Richard Roach, "Part I Choctaw Tom", Mar/Apr, pg. 47. "Part II: Mountain Boy", May/June, pg. 61.
On The Game Trail-- "I Am Not Alone",--Dennis Neely, Jan/Feb, pg. 46. "The Valley of the Deer",--Ken Whitley, Mar/Apr, pg. 63. "On Sacred Ground",--Thomas Black, Jul/Aug, pg. 79.

A Living Historian's Primer on Education-- Gerry Barker, Jan/Feb, pg. 39.
Les Pays Den Haut "Emma: A 16th & 17th Century Living History Experience"-- David A. Schmid, Nov/Dec, pg. 57.
"Throw the Tea into the Sea" A Visit to the New Boston Tea & Ships Museum-- Vincent C. Spiotti, Nov/Dec, pg. 47.

Dean & Midge Oliver, Knife Makers-- Mike Nesbitt, Nov/Dec, pg. 87.
Jeff Bottiger's Southern Banded Horns-- Eric Van Alstine, Mar/Apr, pg. 74.
Les Pays Den Haut "Hauling Over Dry Land with your Dog(s)"-- Thomas Swan, May/June, pg. 41.
On Discerning the Most Convenient Path-- John Curry, Nov/Dec, pg. 79.
The 2013 CLA Fundraising Auction-- Tim Albert, Jul/Aug, pg. 64.
The Artistry of Scott & Cathy Sibley-- John W. Hayes, Nov/Dec, pg. 62.
The Far West "The Trapper's Bride" -- Rex Allen Norman, Nov/Dec, pg. 33.
The Writing of a Mad Woman "Night Terrors on the Trail"-- Suzanne Larner, May/June, pg. 55.
Trail of Blood & Tears-- Ross Westgate, Jan/Feb, pg. 59
Triumph & Tragedy-- John Curry, Jul/Aug, pg. 73.
Why Do They Ride?-- Richard Patton, May/June, pg. 66.