Colonial Gun Art Series Set


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This set includes parts 1 through 4 of Primitive Arts Video's Colonial Gun Art.

Part 1: This covers building a wood box lid & installing the spring catch. It also covers the different types of moldings used on the early to late guns. Both Flint & Percussion periods are covered.

Part 2: This video covers the types of carving used on the early guns.Mr Turpin show different tools, methods & the “all important” designs. Scrolls, leafs & vines are broken down to make design concepts understandable.

Part 3: In this video Mr Turpin show the steps to install the “mystical” wire inlay. This ancient art form is much easer than most people think. This also covers tool making, design & installation.

Part 4: In this video Mr Turpin shows the tools & methods used to add the fine engraving used on the early guns. He explains that most early masters did their beautiful work with just one tool ! Several different tools are demonstrated to show the different effects that come from them. At the end you can see a time lapse of Mr Turpin engraving a very elaborate patch box. A must see.

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