January/February 1976


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Oran Scurlock Holding a .50 Caliber Percussion Rifle

Prime Possibles
Editorial Help the Cache River Conservationists
Rifling - Stephen Trask, Jr.
On the Range - Don Davis
Rediscovery of the Rifled Musket - Harold M. Tyus
Sam Houston - John W. Moyer
The .44 Ballister - Larry Sterett
Westward the Rifle - Norman B. Wiltsey
Black Powder Six Point - Dennis D. Roberts
Our Amazing Civil War
Ruger's Old Army in Stainless Steel - Bill Bennington
Trail Guns Armory Double Rifle - B.R. Hughes
Doc's RX - Doc Carlson
A John Rupp Flintlock - Oran Scurlock
Special Report- A Pro-Hunting Group
We Get Letters
Classified Ads
Squirrel Tails and Coon Skins - B.R. Hughes

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